Olallieberry Preserves

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Aloha from Oregon sells all of our Pepper Jelly and Specialty products as three packs. 


The Olallieberry (pronounced oh-lah-le Behr-ee) have a perfectly balanced tart and sweet flavor.  This berry has the characteristics of a blackberry with red raspberry undertones.

This berry has local, Oregon roots.  It was first developed in 1949 by George F. Waldo at Oregon State University by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.   It is a cross between a Loganberry and a Youngberry.

This is an extremely delicate fruit and tends to grow best in cooler, coastal climates, however, we source our berry’s from an Oregon grower making this flavor a unique product to Oregon.

Our Preserves are made with plump, summery-sweet olallieberries, pectin and sugar making this an All Natural Product.  You’ll find soft chunks of crushed, lush berries in this spoonable, small batch preserve.

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