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Aloha From Oregon can produce a wide range of jams, jellies, marmalades, preserves and syrups in glass jars and bottles for retail, and in plastic containers for food service. We operate from our own 4,000-square-foot commercial kitchen in Eugene, OR. Our location, is conveniently located in the Willamette Valley just off I-5.  We produce over 35 of our own products so we are experts in efficient production, outstanding quality control making us an ideal partner for production of foods and syrups for co-packing.

We specialize in small batch production and we pride ourselves in taking the time to make each product to your specifications with care and meticulous record keeping. We prioritize communication and our customer service is outstanding, freeing you up to concentrate on growing your business.

Flavors in many forms

Aloha From Oregon will use the finest ingredients to create your product for your customers. Here are some of the products our team is skilled at producing for you:

  • Jams
  • Jellies
  • Marmalades
  • Preserves
  • Syrups

Flavors in many forms

We begin with the mutual signatures for the non-disclosure form.

Stage I – Product Assessment

You can then send us your product sample along with a written recipe/formula. Make sure you weigh all ingredients carefully (even liquid ingredients). Also note the brands and strength of the ingredient(i.e. vinegar is in grain strength). We will verify the pH level of the control sample you have sent us. We will determine if we are capable of producing the product in our facility.

Product Samples – Send us two containers of each product that you want to co-pack in bottles or jars that are the approximate size of your desired final package.

Complimentary Initial Price Quote – We will provide a complimentary initial price quote after our assessment has been completed.

Facility Inspection – You are encouraged to visit us here, at our facility, so you may decide if we are a, “good fit,” for your business.

Stage II – Evaluation Batches

If we are able to produce your product at our facility we will do initial test batches using our ingredients to ensure we’ve met consistency, flavor etc., expectations.  Fees and quantities are determined at the time a test batch is requested.

Stage III – The Finished Product

After the test batch has been approved, we are ready to produce the final product. We will guide you through every aspect of the entire process.

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Our team is passionate about creating great food and is dedicated to making your product dreams a reality.