About Our Company

Far from our humble beginnings, Aloha From Oregon's success was created because of our dedication to producing high quality products with great attention to detail, which is still true today.  Our 31 "All Natural" products are designed to please the growing number of health conscious adults while satisfying their distinguished palate. Aloha From Oregon's products have won awards and accolades at regional and national gourmet shows. Aloha From Oregon's products are used regularly as ingredients by gourmet chefs as well as creative homemakers who want to serve their family and guests something special. What started as a home-based business out of Hawaii has blossomed into a company with satisfied customers nationwide.

Our sassy and diverse product line includes pepper jellies in eighteen flavors: apricot, balsamic cherry habanero, balsamic grape, cranberry, garlic, habanero, jalapeño, mango, marionberry, mint jalapeño, peach, pineapple, plum-ginger thai, pomegranate, smokey red jalapeño, raspberry, strawberry, and sweet onion.

Our very special and seasonal pepper jelly called Christmas has two flavors (red and green of course) diagnolly split in one jar. The flavors are 1/2 cranberry (red) and 1/2 jalapeño (green); also available are cranberry /jalapeño, for year round sales,  apricot/jalapeño, mango/plum ginger, pineapple/jalapeño, raspberry/jalapeño, and sweet onion/jalapeño split pepper jellies.

All of these sweet, tart and spicy jellies make a delicious glaze for pork, poultry and seafood and a popular appetizer served on a cracker with cream cheese.

We also produce five flavors of chutneys including apple nut, cranberry pecan, ginger peach, mango ginger, and zesty plum.

Not satisfied with this wide ranging variety of piquant delicacies? Can we tempt you with our specialty offerings such as, blueberry rhubarb butter, cranberry butter with port, pear butter, pumpkin butter with port, mint jelly, sweet wine jelly, marionberry preserves, and tangerine marmalade?


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